Solar Panel Update

Following the first full year of electricity production from the newly installed solar panel array, the benefits to the environment have been impressive. To date, the panels have produced 78.1 Mwh of electricity, resulting of a saving of 16,846 kg of carbon from being released into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to the planting of Read More

Rebranding Elsons

Elson’s announce the start of a rebranding process. The main aim is to incorporate the current Healys branding of its in store and online tools division, under the Elsons banner, in order to freshen up and enhance the appeal of the company as a whole. Starting with the Healys tools division website , the process Read More

Boosting our Green Credentials

In a boost to its green credentials, E.D.Elson’s commission their newly installed solar panel array at their St Albans Branch. In line with their keen environmental interests and concerns, back in August of 2021, the board of Elson’s decided to invest in the installation of 267 solar panels on the roof of their St Albans Read More

How does acoustic insulation work?

soundproofing material

When most people think about insulation, the first benefit they think of is the thermal properties which come with a material. But there is an added benefit you can get from acoustic insulation: the ability to soundproof, or at least to minimise the amount of noise getting in or out of a room.   Why Read More

Clean Growth Strategy: What is it and how will it work?

While British politics is at something of a sticking point it’s easy to forget that we have an obligation as a country to improve infrastructure and reduce our carbon footprint. That’s where The Clean Growth Strategy comes in. Haven’t heard of it? Then read on. What is The Clean Growth Strategy? As part of the Read More

Why does my timber crack?

One question a lot of people have when it comes to timber materials is “why does my timber crack?”. Whether it’s warped, split or cracked, people want to be sure that their materials are going to be appropriate for the usage they have in mind. It is important to note that, because you see cracks Read More

Brexit Impact on Construction: An Update

It’s now been over two years since the EU referendum vote took place in the UK, and you might remember that we wrote a piece about what the possible impact Brexit might have on the construction industry. At the time, things had held steady, but with two years now elapsed and a deadline looming, it’s Read More

What can I use MDF for?

A popular material due to high levels of durability and low cost, MDF has been around since the 1980s. But what exactly is it and how can you use it for your home DIY project or large construction development? What is MDF? Firstly, MDF stands for medium-density fibreboard. This should give you some clues about Read More

Options for small gardens – Paving & Aggregates

If you’ve got a property with a small garden, you’ll want it to be an oasis rather than a downtrodden area for storing your bins. You might not think this in the winter months, but when summer hits, your small garden could be your saviour, providing a place to eat, drink and unwind. A great Read More

Most impressive construction developments in London 2017

MOST IMPRESSIVE construction development in london 2017

2017 was a troubled year for construction, with Brexit looming large and the industry struggling for growth. But even through the tough conditions, projects of all sizes came to completion, and now the dust has settled we’re going to take a look at some of the most impressive construction developments from across London.   The Read More