Why does my timber crack?

One question a lot of people have when it comes to timber materials is “why does my timber crack?”. Whether it’s warped, split or cracked, people want to be sure that their materials are going to be appropriate for the usage they have in mind. It is important to note that, because you see cracks Read More

Brexit Impact on Construction: An Update

It’s now been over two years since the EU referendum vote took place in the UK, and you might remember that we wrote a piece about what the possible impact Brexit might have on the construction industry. At the time, things had held steady, but with two years now elapsed and a deadline looming, it’s Read More

What can I use MDF for?

A popular material due to high levels of durability and low cost, MDF has been around since the 1980s. But what exactly is it and how can you use it for your home DIY project or large construction development? What is MDF? Firstly, MDF stands for medium-density fibreboard. This should give you some clues about Read More

Options for small gardens – Paving & Aggregates

If you’ve got a property with a small garden, you’ll want it to be an oasis rather than a downtrodden area for storing your bins. You might not think this in the winter months, but when summer hits, your small garden could be your saviour, providing a place to eat, drink and unwind. A great Read More

Most impressive construction developments in London 2017

MOST IMPRESSIVE construction development in london 2017

2017 was a troubled year for construction, with Brexit looming large and the industry struggling for growth. But even through the tough conditions, projects of all sizes came to completion, and now the dust has settled we’re going to take a look at some of the most impressive construction developments from across London.   The Read More

The benefits of taking on an apprentice and how to do it

a construction apprentice with a qualified builder

The world of work and education has been changing a lot recently, with the government setting a target of 3 million apprentices to be created by 2020. If you own a business and have been thinking about hiring new staff, but you aren’t sure whether taking on apprentices is right for you, take a look Read More

PIR shortage and the alternatives at Elsons


If you’ve been hit by the shortage of PIR on the market, you might be wondering what the latest news is and what alternatives you could be using in the meantime. Polyisocyanurate – PIR for short – was widely used as rigid thermal insulation for the construction industry across the UK. But now, due to Read More

ED Elson Included In Decking Hero’s Top Ten List Of Timber Merchants


ED Elson has been featured in Decking Hero’s top 10 timber merchants in East Anglia.   The scheme hopes to help promote local timber merchants, which are a valuable source of high-quality, yet cost-effective timber. Merchants were chosen and included in the list based on a review of their service, value for money and product Read More

Government plans to ban new-build leaseholds

row of new build Terraced houses in England

Earlier this year the government stepped into the growing unrest over leasehold properties, proposing a ban and the cutting of ground rents. For many people, this is a problem which has only just recently emerged, while others have, understandably, never heard of leaseholds or what the trouble with them is. This month we’ll be catching Read More

Guide to Q-Deck – Quality decking for summer

garden decking

It’s the time of year again when you can wheel out the barbecue, set up the patio furniture and enjoy the sunshine – but only if you have a properly designed area to do so. While many homes come with areas paved, it can be a cold and uninviting look for some. A great way Read More