Clean Growth Strategy: What is it and how will it work?

While British politics is at something of a sticking point it’s easy to forget that we have an obligation as a country to improve infrastructure and reduce our carbon footprint. That’s where The Clean Growth Strategy comes in. Haven’t heard of it? Then read on. What is The Clean Growth Strategy? As part of the Read More

Brexit Impact on Construction: An Update

It’s now been over two years since the EU referendum vote took place in the UK, and you might remember that we wrote a piece about what the possible impact Brexit might have on the construction industry. At the time, things had held steady, but with two years now elapsed and a deadline looming, it’s Read More

Most impressive construction developments in London 2017

MOST IMPRESSIVE construction development in london 2017

2017 was a troubled year for construction, with Brexit looming large and the industry struggling for growth. But even through the tough conditions, projects of all sizes came to completion, and now the dust has settled we’re going to take a look at some of the most impressive construction developments from across London.   The Read More

The benefits of taking on an apprentice and how to do it

a construction apprentice with a qualified builder

The world of work and education has been changing a lot recently, with the government setting a target of 3 million apprentices to be created by 2020. If you own a business and have been thinking about hiring new staff, but you aren’t sure whether taking on apprentices is right for you, take a look Read More

PIR shortage and the alternatives at Elsons


If you’ve been hit by the shortage of PIR on the market, you might be wondering what the latest news is and what alternatives you could be using in the meantime. Polyisocyanurate – PIR for short – was widely used as rigid thermal insulation for the construction industry across the UK. But now, due to Read More

Government plans to ban new-build leaseholds

row of new build Terraced houses in England

Earlier this year the government stepped into the growing unrest over leasehold properties, proposing a ban and the cutting of ground rents. For many people, this is a problem which has only just recently emerged, while others have, understandably, never heard of leaseholds or what the trouble with them is. This month we’ll be catching Read More

Election 2017: Effects on the construction and housing industry

polling station sign

As you’ll no doubt already be aware, the UK will go to the polls again next month after Prime Minister Theresa May called a snap General Election. Speculation was rife on why she chose to announce an election now, having stated previously that she would not, with her official reasoning down to gaining a mandate Read More

Eco Construction – Future Technologies & Regulations

construction engineer working on setting up solar panels

The purpose of most new technologies and regulations is to improve the standards when it comes to construction. This includes the process itself, as well as the finished product, but many of the recently announced advances in these areas appear to also have a more environmentally friendly angle to them too. Clearly the impact of Read More

The Impact of Brexit on the Construction Industry

european flags at full mast

Whichever side of the referendum vote you fell this year, there is no shying away from the fact that it will have a huge bearing on the way the UK operates in future. Figures released at the end of October showed that the economy had grown by 0.5% in the time after the vote. This Read More