Essential Spring DIY Tasks

This month we’ll see spring bounce into action, hopefully bringing with it some clearer, drier and warmer weather. One thing we’re guaranteed each year is that this time of year will be the most visually impressive, with gardens blossoming and trees maximising their foliage.

We also know that spring is the time of year that most people like to start venturing outdoors again to enjoy their gardens and maintain the outside of their building. To help you get your spring DIY tasks organised, we’ve got some of the essential tasks listed for you to consider.

Clear away the leaves

If you have trees in your garden – or even close by to your home – your garden has probably been besieged by an array of foliage. One of the first spring tasks you’ll have to deal with is clearing away this deluge from your lawn, furniture and flower beds.

Using a rake to gather up the leaves in a small garden is the best way, with a leaf blower preferable if you have a lot of ground to cover. Once you’ve got the leaves piled up, and if you can keep the kids and pets from diving into the pile, you might want to consider the composting option. It might take some monitoring, but leaves are a great addition to any composting mulch for your garden further into the year.

Clean out the gutteringcleaning guttering of dead leaves

Leaves, moss, rubbish and general muck can accumulate in your guttering over the winter, something which can cause havoc if you suddenly get a flash downpour of rain. To ensure your guttering is flowing clearly and performing as it should, get the ladders out and, being extra careful when it comes to your safety, remove all the debris in your gutters.

You can flush out your guttering with a bucket of water and also check for leaks in any part of the system you might suspect requires replacing. This may not be a pleasant task but the weather will hopefully present the best opportunity for it.

Give the decking and fencing a lick of paint

There is nothing worse than looking out onto your garden and seeing the flaking, moss covered woodwork of your decking or fence panels. Make the effort of cleaning, lightly sanding and repainting or resealing your fencing and decking to keep it preserved and pristine for the summer months ahead.

Feed your lawn

Most lawns in the UK will have taken quite a battering over the winter, with moss developing and a limited amount of sunshine making life tough for even the hardiest grass. Find a feed best suited to your lawn, whether you need to tackle weeds or boost growth, and don’t forget the finishing touches with edge trimming.

Replace dead plantsplanting

Inevitably, some plants won’t make it through the winter, but the good news is that this is a great time to do some research and find out what the best plants for your climate and garden style are. A burst of colour here and there is always preferable to an overwhelming rainbow, while some people like to utilise climbing plants, shrubs and other taller plants to provide shade and privacy.

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